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Kimio Shigehisa


(1) The teacher said – “No, you should struggle with tremolo now if you
      want to play better.”  I think we need to be realistic in our goals.       It seems to me that your teacher is missing the bridge that can link your
      fingers to the way they can play this tremolo.

(2) He is like a breath of fresh air to her.
In order to be a like a breath of fresh air to your partner, what should you do?

(3) Would I say the word “shiawase” when I am delighted in the
      wonderfulness I feel when I am with my family?
      When do you feel Shiawase?

(4) I don’t remember what I said. Many times I say things without being
     aware that other people are around. This is what I truly remember.       Regarding your wife or husband, what do you truly remember what    kind of happenings you had before your marriage with her or       him?
     Please tell us about the special one.

(5) Maybe they would have enjoyed witnessing the passion of the moment.
Have you ever witnessed the passion of young lovers?

(6) So if you wish that we would end e-mailing at 11:00, I will honor that.

(7) I am sure Tom and John felt that I was closer to Bob than I was to them.