E-NEWS&SONGS                                       Sept. 8, 2016 佐藤 一雄

Topic: Emperor’s message on abdication



We read the captioned editorials of Japan Times (dated Aug.8) aloud and discussed Emperor Akihito’s implicit wishful indication of his abdication declared through a recent rare televised message to the public. Then we understood that the subject can’t be easily implemented by the National Diet or the Cabinet due to restrictions by the postwar Constitution and Imperial House Act that say the emperor’s positon will be taken over upon his death. Nevertheless, it is granted by the Article 4 of the Chapter 1 of the Constitution that the emperor may delegate the performance of his acts in matters of state as may be provided by law. Nevertheless, in view of risk of regent system though the Emperor has no political rights or power, it proves hard to execute regency, and we understood that the emperor has no intention to depend on the Article. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that he takes it seriously and he needs to think hard what can be done. As the result of debating, we came to a conclusion that we should respect the Emperor’s will of abdication prior to his demise in a nod to steady and great contributions by not only Emperor Akihito but also Empress Michiko in matters of state and events and we wish it will come true.




Notes: Before start debating session, we – seven members spent a couple of hours to sing ‘Oldies” in English at a Karaoke House nearby the KG Marunouchi Campus. After the debating session, we enjoyed Japanese meals at Restaurant Lynn on 3rd Fl. Of SAPIA Tower as usual.    (Reported by P.K. Satow)


 行幸啓のお写真 Royal Visits 







ご執務のお写真 Emperor at his office





Photos released by Imperial House Agency