E-News & Songs     2017年6月8日 例会報告   

3ヶ月に一度のOldies カラオケの2時間、発音と音程に気を付けて楽しみ、その後、毎月一度の英文記事を使っての勉強会。


“One Belt, One Road” Initiative





We read an article on “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR), a multitrillion dollar regional infrastructure initiative and the international meeting thereof, held in Beijing. It is reported that for years China has been following the guidance of former leader Deng Xiaoping and has maintained, to this date, a low profile in a global leadership, but the attitude has changed and China now plans to assert a leading role in Asia and beyond, as the guardian of a liberal and open world trading order. Creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which preceded the OBOR project is reported as another leadership gambit. What is most worthy of note is that the China’s ambition is described to fill a global vacuum that is emerging and spurred by the coming to power of Donald Trump of the United States and his “America First” approach.

As of today, the number of countries identified as those joining the organization or project represents 62 percent of the world’s population and yet 30 percent of its GDP. In this connection, the latter part of the article turns to point out skepticism or concerns over Chinese intentions, lack of transparency in its operation designs and other difficulties, and concludes that China must address, above all, those concerns in order for the project to successfully forge a larger multilateral mechanism and serve its ultimate goal.

Katsuyuki Minamii