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取り上げた記事のタイトル、“A Voyage into the Future”




また、その海域の原油・天然ガスの埋蔵量を見積もり、豊富な貴重鉱石や漁業資源もあって、日本にとって他国からの輸入を減らす形で 海域を活用できるようになる利点があること、北極海の将来の管理・統治の面で、日本の研究機関が国際的役割を担っていることにも触れている。




We read an article with a topic: “A Voyage into the Future.”

The article is comprised of four parts:

  1. Description of a Danish cargo ship, which set out, in mid-August, to traverse alone Northern Sea Route, travelling from Russia’s east coast to St. Petersburg, drew our attention as the ship may possibly realize a longtime human dream of “Arctic Passage.” It is described that the transit, if successful, will be a milestone, but that it will still be more a symbolic one than genuinely transforming commercial prospects. In fact, the cargo ship is reported to explore the operational feasibility and to collect data for the future commercial possibility,

  2. The unfortunate part of the event, the opening of the Route, is described as a product of climate change or the seriously troubling implications for the earth, leading to a rise in sea level around the world and an increase of extreme weather events. Rapid declination of sea ice in the Arctic is described in detail,

  3. With opportunities Japan could enjoy thereafter with rich mineral and fish resources in and around the area, it could possibly reduce the current reliance on imports from other parts of the world, and estimated amount of reserves of petroleum and natural gas is described in detail, as an inviting opportunity for Japan,

    and finally,

  4. It is reported that Japan has been participating in Arctic governance as an observer State in the Arctic Council since 2013, and that an Arctic policy has been developed by the Japanese government to ensure a vision and a strategy.


The article concludes with the remark that such efforts by many participants and observers are all the attempts made to anticipate future developments and that the voyage of the Danish cargo ship now in transit suggests that the future is closer than many think.


Katsuyuki MINAMII

Reporting on September 20,2018