Japanese author, economist Taichi Sakaiya dies at 83

                          Kazuo Miura


On March 14, we discussed Taichi Sakaiya-outstanding author and economist who passed away last month. He once served as a bureaucrat in MITI but after a while he left the ministry and became a fulltime writer. Among the books he wrote, the article picked up his work titled “Chika Kakumei” (The Knowledge-Value Revolution or a History of the Future) received high commendation as one of the world-wide spread since it was translated into eight foreign languages in 1985.  Instead of analyzing his works and himself, we decided to discuss and try to understand what he formed his intent in the Book based on the summary of the chapter 4 and 5 that I compiled and distributed to the participants.


The book insists that the revolution has been created by IT and that North America and some other countries of Europe and Japan have already entered a new era of “The knowledge value” society–a society where the value of peoples’ knowledge is the primary source of economic growth and corporate earnings. It means that benefits of standardized mass-production ceased to exist and businesses now provide diverse lineup of services to fit with diversified public demand.  Our industrialized society now heads for ending and a knowledge value society started likely, which resembles the past revolutionary change from the Middle Ages (Agriculture-Oriented Society) to the Modern Age (Industrial Society). Such phase of major change started to appear.