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Japan’s New Leader Picks His Team Familiar Men , and Fewer Women



今回は菅政権が誕生した直後ということで、The New York Timesの女性記者が書いた上記タイトルの記事を取り上げました。






1.      菅政権は既得権益を打破し規制緩和することはできるのか。ハンコの習慣はなくすことができるのか。

Can Suga administration break down vested interests and realize deregulations? Could their customs of official documents approval by stamps (HANKO) be really stopped?






It may not be easy because Suga administration disclosed openly, in the process of being elected to the president of lDP, that he would succeed what and how Abe administration has been doing.

The new SUGA administration needs strong leadership, appointment of professional staff, realization of policy for resolving a pile of fundamental problems. We really hope to see that the new administration will be wise enough to gradually step into much better phase of politics by making the most of their lessons learnt from the previous administration.






The custom of stamping HANKO should be stopped.

If they put a stop to press HANKO on official documents, their working performance will be remarkably improved. However, occasionally it is necessary as a proof of authentication.


2.      各省庁間の壁を壊して連絡を効率化させることはできるのか。

Can they remove the walls between ministries to realize efficient communication

between them?

  • 省庁の壁をなくすには行政機構の目的によって編成されるべき。



In order to remove the walls between the ministries, they should be re-organized according to the objectives of administrative structure.

Suga administration should shuffle 17 ministries and establish fewer new ministries.

I expect Mr.Khono, minister for administrative reform will pay a unique role in bringing forth the real motivation of politicians and bureaucrats to the most desirable phase for both sides.


3.      コロナによる経済の落ち込みを回復させることはできるか。

Are they capable enough to restore Japan’s economic downturn due to the influence of COVID-19?


Go to キャンペーンよりもPCR検査の設備、体制整備こそwith Coronaの対策ではないか。


To restore the economic downturn new industrial structure vision by METI in 2017

will be effective.

To carry on the new normal life with Corona giving free PCR-test will be the most effective way to do.

Expansion of human resources and education and training system of IT for those who have no experiences in the field shall be essentially required.


4.      外交政策はどうなるのか。

What will happen to their foreign policy and diplomacy in the future?



We will wait and see administration of Prime Minister SUGA.


We came to the above conclusion.


This time Mr. Shoji Miyatake visited us and joined the circle at a later date.

10月リーダー 永井裕子

Yuko Nagai (Ms.)

October Monthly Leader