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6月リーダー 永井裕子

 今月はジャパンタイムズ の「観光業のために開国を目指す日本、政府の明確さが求められる」というタイトルの社説を取り上げました。

This month, we read the editorial of The Japan Times of which the title was “Government clarity needed as Japan eyes border reopening for tourism”. 


 The article writes that successive administrations have opted for caution as they balanced the public health and safety impacts of reopening against the economic losses. Calls to readmit tourists have become louder and more urgent as the economy stumbles. In the absence of a change, economic losses will grow. Japan has been successful at containing the spread and impact of COVID-19 so far. That has made the public suspicious of the opening. The Japanese government is planning to gingerly reopen the country to foreign tourists. As Japan reopens, no matter what happens, the government needs to communicate with its citizens, clearly and effectively.




Q-1, 観光業界は開国を歓迎し、入国者数の制限撤廃などを要望しているが、この動きは加速するでしょうか?

The tourism industry welcomes the reopening and demands the lifting of restriction on the number of tourists from aboard. Will this move accelerate? 

A. 中国からの観光客が来ないので今年の後半まで、海外からの観光客数は最大50万人くらいにとどまるだろう。2千万人まで回復するには数年かかるかも知れない。

The movement will not be able to accelerate. I predict Japan will have max. 500,000 foreign tourists for the last half of this year due to the lack of Chinese tourists. It may take several more years until the number of visitors from abroad returns to 20,000,000 level.

 A. 先月,スイスの世界経済フォーラム(WEF)が2021年の旅行、観光の魅力度ランキングで117ヶ国の中で日本を1位に選んだ。このことは日本への海外からの観光客を増加させることに役立つだろう。

The World Economic Forum in Switzerland selected, last month, Japan as the first attractiveness ranking among 117 countries in its 2021 Travel and Tourism Forum. This will help increase the number of the inbound visitors.

 A. 加速させてはいけない。ゆっくり外国人観光客を増加させるべきで、事前に文化の違いや観光庁指針を知ってもらうことを徹底する。

It should not be accelerated! The government should slowly increase the number of the foreign tourists by having the tourists become well aware, in advance to the trip, of the culture differences and the various guidelines established by Japan Tourism Agency. It is important for them to behave here in our country, following the proverb: “ When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”


Q-2.  これまでの政府の慎重な水際対策をどう評価しますか?

How would you assess the government’s cautious border measures announced so far?

 A. 日本政府のコロナ禍への取り組みは感染者と死亡者数の削減と経済再生のバランスを取りながら進めてきた。この取り組み姿勢を評価する。

The Japanese government‘s efforts to combat Covid-19 pandemic have been exerted so far to well balance among reduction of the number of infected patients, the number of deaths and the economic recovery. I appreciate the approach taken so far by the Japanese government.

 A. 日本の水際対策は未知の変異株を考慮し現実的で安全である。

Japanese border measures taken are practical and safe when considering unknown variants. 

A. これまでの取り組みは適切で効果的だと思う。

I believe the policies applied so far for foreign tourists have been appropriate and effective.


Q-3.この3年間の長引くコロナ禍による我が国への経済的、社会的打撃は大きい。                日本の経済、医療についての意見をお聞かせください。

The economic and social impacts on Japan from the prolonged pandemic have been large in the past three years. Please express your opinions about the handling of Japanese economy and medical care by the government

 A. 日本の医療体制は充実しており、それが日本の経済回復へ貢献するだろう。

I think Japan’s medical system is substantial and it will contribute to Japan’s economic recovery.

 A. 支援金は困窮している人以外に支給せず、日本の経済の構造を変えるために投資すべき。

Cash handout should be given only to the people suffering from poverty. Money should be laid out to preferentially change the structure of the economic activities of the country.

 A. COVID-19の影響を直接受けている人の差し迫った救済プランを除いては、経済的な方針はパンデミックからではなく、国の大局的な視点から考えられるべきである。

Except an imminent rescue plan for those who have directly suffered agony from COVID-19, any economic plan should be considered not from pandemic but from a broad frame of the nation’s perspective.


Q-4. 国のコロナ禍の取り組みで最も急がれる対策は何でしょうか。

What are the most urgent countermeasures for the policy to be taken against the Covid-19 pandemic ?

 A. 追加のワクチン接種、無料のPCR検査の提供、できるだけ早い飲み薬の拡大など。

They are additional free vaccine inoculation, free provision of easy and economic PCR test, the quickest possible spread of internal medicine, etc.

 A. 組織と予算の配分を含むパンデミック対策のための総合的なシステムを開発し、戦略的に維持されるべきである。米国のCDC のような組織が必要である。

Overall system for protecting people from pandemic, including a set-up of an organization responsible for budget allocation, should be developed and maintained just like how such are handled in military forces. We need such an organization like CDC against combating pandemic.

 以上は、リーダーから予めに示した4設問に対する、メンバー 各位からの意見でした。