E-News & Songs                  January 12, 2015      Kazuo Miura      

Worrying signals about Trump’s diplomacy

 The editorial pointed out three stories twitted by President Donald Trump as examples of un-presidential behavior about diplomacy.

  1. The phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, insisting one China policy is not always applicable and is negotiable matter if trade with China is not fair.

  2. His positive assessment of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

  3. His confusing call to assist Pakistan with its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

We studied and analyzed background of each case and found through discussion that his message is not appropriate and confusing if fact is confirmed.

  1. US agreed through three US-China communiques that referred to One China Policy. We found that US agreed above policy under the situation of final stage in Vietnam War and that US needed cooperation from China.

  2. He did not know that Duterte has killed thousands of people (some say 3000, others say more) with no judicial procedure during his war on drugs since his inauguration.

  3. US so far negotiated with Pakistan these years for peace and have had very intensified and worsen relations with Pakistan

He despises political correctness and he intends to make all political matters as a deal and he solves matters by tough negotiation as mentioned in the editorial. It seems that he neglects all political activities so far accumulated.

We also discussed behaviors of Trump. Below are some comments picked up.

  1. It is impossible to understand his message if viewed politically.

  2. His message is neither broad-minded nor generous.

  3. Money is his pivot, and he is very careless as to politics

  4. He is lacking ideology

  5. His good points so far are recent stock market change and change of attitude to China and Russia anyway though these contain contradictoriness.

  6. We expect him to stop killing in Syria anyway, because every day and even now civilians in Syria are being killed.

  7. We are afraid he might be assassinated leaving confusions in the world. He might not be.

  8. The world will be strained and become unstable.




一つは台湾総統のTsai Ing-wenとの会話で、もし中國との貿易が公正でないなら、「一つの中国論」は必ずしも守る必要はなく、交渉のカードだと考えているとのこと









  1. 政治的視点で見るとトランプの言っていることは理解できない。

  2. トランプのメッセージは寛容さに欠けている。

  3. 金がPivotである。政治にはとても不用意である。

  4. トランプはイデオロギーがない。

  5. これまでに見る限りよい点は最近の株式市況の好調であり、とにかく中国とロシアに対する姿勢の変化である、但しこれらには矛盾があることは確かであるが。

  6. とにかくトランプにシリアでの殺人をやめさせてほしい、毎日、いや今現在もシリアの市民は殺されているのである。

  7. 私達が恐れるのは世界に混乱を残したまま暗殺されることである。そうあってはならないが。

  8. 世界は緊張し、不安定になるであろう。